FlameCord - Fix Exploits & Bots

FREE FlameCord - Fix Exploits & Bots 0.8.8

No permission to download
hello, the below people, https://iusearchbtw.lol/

That's why I can't compile it

Also, pls compile 1.0.3 this is outdated asf
Why is this on blackspigot when you can get it for free💀💀
sussy baka
Hey Bijju089,
Please update flamecord to 0.8.7
Thanks ;)
Thanks for sharing Flamecord!
FlameCord is a FREE plugin which is available for download from the official CI: https://ci.2lstudios.dev/job/FlameCord/

This is possibly malware. The previous reviews are false, it is easily noticeable because they have a very similar schedule. The accounts were newly created or do not have a profile picture.

It is extremely suspicious, DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT FROM HERE, use the official website.
Bruh just not use that, it can be infected. All 2LS plugins are free on github and compiled in https://ci.2lstudios.dev/job/FlameCord/
Good Job!
Keep updating :)
Works Fine, didn't face issues
If this is 100% same from mcm and not modified at all I recommend you sending me it so I can -Redacted- that shit for u so you don’t get ur mcm license removed
<3 Thanks
The creator decided to make it completely paid, it sucks but what can I do, thanks for this version.
Resource Status: Working
Finally i found this resource