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    ➢ BedWars (ClashWars) Minigame

    place holder plsss i beg, this plugin is useless without the placeholder list
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    ➢ BedWars (ClashWars) Minigame

    placeholder list plsss
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    ClashWars - PlaceHolder list.

    please leak clashwars placeholders list...
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    Matrix 6.7.0 Release Premium (Full null)

    hey, could you teach me how to null plugins?
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    (REQUEST) Pls leak Intave Anticheat (13.0)

    Alright, so. I recently saw this anticheat and try to bypass it at server, but everything is hard to bypass! It's the best anticheat I've ever seen. Please null/leak it for default users (Intave anticheat has license, please remove it) The anticheat website:
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    Intave AC

    require spigot vip :/