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    ShowHiddenChannels (BetterDiscord) FIX [Deleted]

    this isnt a map or schematic
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    MAP Lobby

    The FoxCraft Lobby NOTE: If link doesnt work try again later. NOTE: This Map is for 1.12.2 and breaks in 1.8
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    FoxH submitted a new resource: Lobby - some random custom server lobby Read more about this resource...
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    GREEK Spawn Hub // GODS // LOBBY // ROMAN // MEDIEVAL // CITY /// [Deleted]

    i passed the ads and i got an exe to download it. that very sketchy stuff. couldent you just make it link to a mediafire, or anonfiles link?
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    OPEN What custom servers/plugins do you want?

    Clean Prison, Mineplex, ProMCGames, Nova Network and GTM plugins please
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    Knife core src by OptifineReducer/Skid

    Nice Song ;)