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PSA Welcome

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Welcome to BlackSpigotMC

Run by WifiSpy with love <3
Bringing YOU hundreds of premium plugins since 1997
We work hard to keep the site up! Enjoy it!!
#BlackSpigot4Ever <3 Make sure to upload stuff!


-Legal Notice-
We do not take responsibility for content hosted on outside sources. If someone is DIRECTLY hosting copyrighted files on our site, contact us at, and we will take them down. We reserve the right to not take down posts that link to copyrighted content on OTHER sites, Ie. Filedropper, Mega, Etc... Any and all content posted by the staff team is GIFTED to us by users, and was not uploaded to an external source by us. We take no responsibility for anything we post and we reserve the right to our users privacy. The users and staff of this site have no knowledge of any illcit or illegal activities occuring on this site.

PSA BlackSpigotMC Official Rules

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Swearing :
Swearing is allowed as long as it is not excessive or used in a ; Racist/Homophobic/Intolerant way.

Advertising :
Advertising is allowed in the PROPER SECTIONS, however if you advertise with the intent to move users to a competing platform, you will be PERMA BANNED.

Spamming :
Spamming to increase post count or just to annoy is STRICTLY PROHIBITED, and will result in a 15 day ban, and a 30 day ban for every offense after.

Reports :
Any and all abuse of the report system will result in a 15 day ban, and a 30 day ban for every offense after.
Releaking :
Re-Leaking a resource from BSMC on any other site, will result in a PERMANENT BAN. Every plugin you download from BSMC is injected with our custom 'anti-releaking' which allows us to track down who re-leaked, disable the re-leaked plugins, and if you are banned for releaking, ALL THE PLUGINS YOU HAVE EVER DOWNLOADED WILL GET DISABLED.

If you find that another user is actively breaking the rules, please report them.

PSA Check out the new 'Donator' upgrade, It's Blackspigot at it's finest!